DTI employees take small business counseling course


DTI-Human Resources and Administrative Services (DTI-HRAS), in partnership with the Institute for Small Industries at the University of the Philippines (UP-ISSI), organized a Small Business Advisors Course (SBCC) in May 23 to 27.

The five-day training program aims to build the skills and confidence of regional DTI staff as potential advisers to provide administrative and technical assistance to MSME clients and transform them into well-rounded DTI employees.

The end result of the course was the completion of a Business Assessment Plan (EAP), giving participants practical experience in assessing the organizational performance of a business in the four areas of management.

The EAP will benefit the company under study, as the participants reviewed its performance and made recommendations to improve the productivity and effectiveness of marketing, production or operations, organization, human resources and personnel, and financial aspects.

The course gives counselors a perspective on problem solving, diagnosis, strategy development and critique of results. The introduction of the course to employees was in line with the continued establishment of Negosyo Centers (CN), as embodied in the Go Negosyo Law.

The NCs serve as a seat for promoting the growth of MSMEs to generate more employment opportunities in the country and facilitate MSMEs’ access to capacity building, technology transfer, production training and development programs. management as well as marketing assistance.

Participants were made up of DTI employees from the regional and provincial offices. (RP)

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