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Eatontown, NJ – Positive Reset Mental Health Clinic (732-724-1234) announces that its relationship counseling services now include narcissistic therapy. The group understands the challenges that can arise when confronted with a narcissist during a heated argument.

Offering compassionate but firm support to couples in difficult relationships, Positive Reset addresses three common concerns when talking to a narcissist. The group explains that despite exaggerated self-esteem, narcissists are often emotionally aware of their partner’s feelings, but use it to manipulate rather than empathize. Her recently announced narcissistic therapy helps couples navigate this difficult psychological condition.

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With updated relationship counseling, the clinic guides couples to fully understand and treat narcissism. Personality disorder, which is characterized by excessive self-concern, can manifest itself in insidious ways, especially in romantic relationships. People diagnosed with the disorder often display a sense of entitlement that prevents them from understanding the feelings of others.

Positive Reset explains that couples often ask, “Can or should you argue with a narcissist?” The answer, they say, is “yes”, but make it clear that “yes” requires a complex understanding of the common mind games that narcissists play. Although they have inflated self-esteem, narcissists have been studied to use exploitative behavior, especially with their partners.

Nonetheless, the driving force behind all of their actions is a need to feel special. Typically, narcissists will manipulate their partners into doing or saying things just to “prove their love” for them. It becomes a challenge during heated arguments, as they are inherently the opposite of showing affection. During confrontations, both parties express their frustrations with each other – verbally revealing a “lack” in the relationship, which won’t make a narcissist feel special.

Positive reset helps couples understand these underlying psychological desires so they can work through their relationship issues together. The team answers the questions “Should you argue with a narcissist?” “,” If they see an argument, what should you do? And “How can you avoid the argument altogether?” “

It also explains how a narcissist can act when he begins to feel like he is losing the affection of his partners.

The group invites clients to schedule a session with them online to limit walk-in visits.

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