Edgewater Company Spotlight: Connected Brain Advice


We love to spotlight new businesses here in our small community of Edgewater. Today we honor Connected brain board which is located at 5700 W. 25th Avenue, #200D. Here is our conversation with Michela Parisi, psychotherapist and neurofeedback clinician:

What inspired the launch of Connected Brain Counseling?

As a woman who spent most of her twenties in therapy and then pursued a master’s degree in counseling, I have always been passionate about women’s mental health. The therapy changed my life and put me on a healthier path to recovery. During my graduation internship, I discovered neurofeedback and its benefits. For those of you unfamiliar with neurofeedback, it’s a way to teach the brain to self-regulate and relieve symptoms such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADD/ADHD and more without drugs. I incorporated talk therapy skills into the neurofeedback room and saw even more drastic and lasting behavioral changes in clients. This inspired me to start my own practice, Connected Brain Counseling, to help clients from a multimodal approach.

What drew you to Edgewater?

I’ve always loved the small-town feel while being exposed to the possibilities a city has to offer. When my partner and I moved to Edgewater last year, I knew that was where I wanted to put down my roots. The Edgewater community is both welcoming and conveniently located. Opening our first office here also felt natural. I was pleasantly surprised by the warmth of my neighbors, the history of the community and the growth it is experiencing.

What services do you offer?

I am both a licensed individual and couples therapist and a licensed neurofeedback clinician. Mixing the two is my specialty, where data/logic and emotion both meet in the play. Helping the analytical brain to understand emotions, and conversely helping the overwhelmed brain to reorganize its thoughts is an exciting challenge for me.

What makes your business unique?

Very few therapists are well trained in neuroscience. Unfortunately, most training programs and resources throughout master’s and doctoral programs do not combine counseling skills with the level of brain detail that counselors need. Our practice ensures that clients are understood on a neurological level before engaging in treatment programs focused on healing women 15 and older.


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