How to use YouTube for successful business marketing


Most brands, when they think of social media promotion, look to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. However, YouTube is one of the most popular social media networks with immense possibilities for increasing brand awareness and driving high quality traffic to your website. Therefore, it is crucial to plan a business marketing strategy that will help you gain more views on YouTube videos and reach a wider audience.

Most brands don’t understand aspects of YouTube marketing. They buy YouTube subscribers but forget to feed their audience and increase the engagement rate. In this article, we’ll show you how to use YouTube to promote your business. So let’s get started!

1. make a YouTube marketing strategy

YouTube is the most engaging social media platform and to gain more views on YouTube videos, having a well-planned marketing strategy is essential. Your YouTube marketing strategy should always focus on improving brand awareness and engagement.

Depending on your business, host live broadcasts, Q&A videos, event recaps, expert interviews, and corporate announcements. Build trusting relationships with your subscribers to generate potential leads and improve conversion rates.

Plan what kind of videos you want to post

Once you’ve established your marketing strategy, it’s time to plan what kind of videos you want to post. There are many video options for the different stages of the sales funnels, such as –

  • At the top of the sales funnel – this area is best for videos that generate brand awareness. Post educational videos, interviews with influencers or industry leaders, animated videos, or even documentaries featuring your business.
  • In the middle of the sales funnel – use videos that feed the potential prospect, such as demonstrating what your product can do, and video testimonials of your customers.

3. Include interactive calls to action

The whole point of using YouTube for business marketing is to attract viewers and turn them into potential customers. YouTube videos should not be used for direct sales, but rather to generate high quality leads. Add links to your website or landing page and have your audience visit the link at the end of your video.

You can also include other calls to action to improve your engagement rate. For example, ask your viewers to like or share your video and subscribe to your channel. It will also help you gain more views on YouTube videos. You can even ask them to follow you on other social networks.

4.Optimize Your YouTube Channel For SEO

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Therefore, it is crucial to optimize your channel and videos for YouTube search engines. Find good tags and keywords to rank higher in search engine results. There are several factors that you need to take into account for SEO optimization like –

  • Keyword for your YouTube channel – choose a keyword that represents your brand and video content on YouTube.
  • Video Title and Description – Use relevant keywords in your video title and description to help audiences find your content easily.
  • Video tags should be optimized for SEO
  • Viewing Time – As you improve your viewing hours, YouTube promotes your videos to the target audience, helping you gain more views on YouTube videos. And the more time viewers spend watching your videos, the higher your video ranks in the search results.
  • The number of subscribers – YouTube algorithm examines the number of new subscribers who join after watching one of your videos. And as your channel grows, the algorithm promotes your content by ranking it high in search results.
  • The engagement rate is crucial to show up in search results. Hence, get more views on YouTube videos, get more likes and comments to rank higher in search results.

5.Manage your YouTube channel

YouTube Business comes with a lot of management tools that help you keep track of all the metrics. For example, you can follow and reply to all of your comments in one place. You can also get help from social media management tools to effectively manage your YouTube account. With the help of SMM services, you can pre-moderate comments and decide when to post them. You can even keep track of any tags or mentions of your business in any other YouTube video or comment and respond to them quickly.


YouTube has two billion monthly users worldwide and ranks as the world’s most widely used online video streaming platform. This makes YouTube the most popular social network to promote your business. YouTube is all about gaining more views on YouTube videos.

To use YouTube for business marketing, you first need to have a solid marketing plan. But YouTube marketing is often overlooked by digital marketers. Most brands find the easy way out and buy YouTube subscribers to boost their credibility. However, successful business marketing doesn’t just focus on the number of subscribers, it also requires audience engagement and interaction. The above methods will guide you to use YouTube effectively for business marketing.

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