Pipestone has a new consultancy provider


Ashley Whipkey, Jeremy Adler and Sophie Lingen make up the Adler Counseling team. Adler opened his Pipestone office on September 1 and began offering on-site services five days a week from December 6, K. Kuphal

Jeremy Adler opened Adler Counseling, PLLC, in Pipestone this fall and recently made services available at the Pipestone office five days a week.

Adler, who lives in Woodstock, previously worked for Southwestern Mental Health and has been with a group practice in Marshall for four years. He started his own Slayton-based group practice in June.

“It’s kind of a central location so I can reach a lot of different areas within a 45 minute radius,” Adler said.

He said starting his own business has been a professional goal for several years due to the flexibility, freedom and increased accessibility it allows and the desire to provide services to the community in different ways.

Adler opened the Pipestone office at 717 East Main, Suite B on September 1 and said putting that office in place has been a gradual process. He said he decided to open a store in Pipestone because he saw a need in the community.

“There is definitely a need at Pipestone,” said Adler. “There are probably a lot of customers who are not being served as efficiently as they could be.”

Adler said he and his staff try to provide in-person services when possible and also offer telemedicine. For now, most of what they offer at Pipestone is telemedicine, but he said they are transitioning clients to in-person sessions as it fits their needs and comfort level.

Along with Adler, the business includes Ashley Whipkey, of Pipestone, and Sophie Lingen, of Hatfield.

“We’re all from the rural area here,” Adler said. “We all live in southwest Minnesota. We are down to earth. We are practical people.

Whipkey started working at the Pipestone office full time the week of December 6th. Lingen works out of the Slayton and Pipestone offices and provides services to area schools in Pipestone, Edgerton Public and Murray County Central.

“We can go to schools and provide mental health counseling,” Adler said. “It’s a bit like outpatient mental health counseling, but it’s just located at the school instead of the office. This is a great way to increase accessibility of services to youth and adolescents who otherwise might not have access to services if they were on an outpatient basis, or perhaps not as regularly and consistently. that if we went to school.

If given permission, Adler said they can work with teachers, administrators, school counselors and school social workers to provide a team approach to help students meet their subject needs. mental health.

Adler said he worked with the group practice at Marshall, Slayton and Pipestone. He is also looking to work in schools and devote more time to the Pipestone office.

Adler said he and Whipkey have each been in the mental health field for over 10 years. Adler is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Whipkey is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, and Lingen will be licensed in the spring and will work under Adler’s supervision.

The office specializes in play therapy, family counseling, adolescents, anxiety and depression, the autism spectrum, the elderly, marriage and couple therapy, bereavement counseling, counseling. trauma and educational groups. Adler said he and his staff also provide counseling, training and seminars for schools, social workers and other organizations or businesses interested in learning more about mental health, burnout, self-care. and things like that.

“It’s something that I plan to develop a bit more here over the next year or so,” Adler said.

Adler said he enjoys helping people see the bright side in life, being aware of their strengths and strengths, helping parents and children love each other better, seeing improvements in relationships. and seeing people improve and grow. He also likes that there are always new things to learn when it comes to mental health.

For more information, visit www.adlercounseling.com, call Adler at 507-316-4974 or send an email to [email protected]


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