Trade secret litigation and advice


Trade secrets provide a competitive advantage that many companies rely on to maintain and grow their market share.

Protecting trade secrets from misappropriation can therefore be mission critical. Womble Bond Dickinson attorneys have decades of experience assisting clients with trade secret defenses, both as court defenders and as strategic advisors.

In the event of an assertion of misappropriation of trade secrets by or against our clients, we help minimize business disruption, while aggressively pursuing or defending our clients’ rights in court or an alternative forum, the all with the aim of resolving disputes successfully and in a cost effective manner. Clients also turn to Womble Bond Dickinson to handle employee mobility incidents involving trade secret issues. Trade secrets are most at risk when an employee walks out with confidential information, intentionally or unintentionally. In addition to devising strategies to prevent such trade secret leaks, we conduct internal corporate investigations to get to the bottom of accusations of trade secret theft and protect the company’s interests.

Womble Bond Dickinson’s trade secret consulting is essential in helping companies protect and monetize their trade secrets. We advise companies on corporate policies and best practices for trade secret protection, and we audit assets and trade secret protection mechanisms. We also develop and negotiate non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements with employees, business partners and investors, and we perform due diligence and conclusive agreements involving the exploitation of trade secret assets. We have represented clients in connection with mergers and acquisitions, licensing agreements, commercial contracts, supplier relationships and joint development agreements in which trade secrets are involved, ensuring that the interests our customers’ business are protected while guaranteeing the protection of their sensitive information.

Our comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to trade secrets includes not only intellectual property lawyers, but also seasoned employment, privacy and data security, corporate transactions, and technology professionals.

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